It was turning blue as the base

I don’t know if it’s because I drank too much coffee.

Canned coffee that you can get at the convenience store.

More than the same 88카 thing, take it out of the cafe.

The fact that the drinks that come are more caffeinated.

Do you all know that? Sensitive to different people.

Sometimes they react, but I’m in a condition.

Therefore, even if you drink a little bit, you will have a hard time.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna drink it.

I feel like I’m falling off in the morning.

Day or day, if you didn’t drink it, I’d like to make sure

I drink it like I’m taking some nutritional supplements.

I’m trying to reduce it somehow, but it’s not easy.

I’m used to it, but things are still going on.

There are a lot, so I’m a little sad. I’m going to work.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting off work.

The fact that I’m physically at a faster threshold,

I can hold it. So these days, the wardrobe.

I thought I should at least take out my license.

In the meantime, it’s common to have a small suv nose or a used one.

It’s not an opportunity, but I actually looked around.

It’s pretty substantial, starting with the visuals.

I thought it would be good to ride on a daily car.

It wasn’t as big as I thought.~

It’s just an easy ride on your own.

I thought it would be hard to use it, but I didn’t I?

It wasn’t like that, and the door was in the second row.

It’s a small suv that’s supposed to make it simple.

It can be grafted to burn. ^^

I’m not married. I’m not married.

It’s based on your taste, on the functions you need.

So I think I was able to look around. This time,

The fact that the Kona I saw was diesel,

I was accepted first. Fuel economy

I’ll be able to turn it down. Oil

I’m glad you said it wasn’t a big hippo.

And not entirely up-to-date, but rather time.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m meeting you in the flow.

I knew it! That’s how we’re going to consider it.

When I tried, I found out that the conditions of the booger that I wanted,

Well, it did fit, but for now, the other cars, too,

There are a lot, so I’m holding it back.

But it’s a popular and popular car.

I’m writing it down with the hope that you’ll see it.

It’s not just about driving ability, it’s about visual appearance.

I thought I’d give it some serious thought.

It looks like it. It’s designed to be very sleek.

The headlamp that was there is shining.

The tire wheels looked very three-dimensional.

The space wasn’t as small as I thought.

I feel cramped by my standards as an adult woman.

Not at all. With the average male physique,

Even if you think about it, the driver’s seat will be comfortable.

I think it’ll be good to board. Uniquely, very, very.

If you’re not tall, you don’t have to be gender-sensitive.

It looks like anyone can ride comfortably without work.

And the driver’s seat was pre-protected.

Even if you roll up the vinyl, you’ll get hurt before.

If there’s a damaged area or something like that,

I couldn’t see it. And it’s a very good management.

It’s nice to be on your side.

The option was a bit disappointing. That’s how much it’s rated.

The burp was not high. in the form of manual intervention

I can’t control the temperature of the air conditioner and the heater.

I was standing there. But it’s still broken.

I wasn’t the one. I had to set things up.

There’s no problem with walking or creaking.

It was easy to set it up as you want.

Air conditioner on the left and right sides is a quiet atmosphere

I thought he was saving my life.

There’s a little bit of button down there’s no sign of it.

It was an auto mission.

The shift lever was towering

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