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Hello, everyone! Are you having a good day? I’m already excited about going to Namyangju Hotel massage today. It’s a place that I go so often that it has been a regular nowadays because it has been very effective since I received it. As the city is a city, I can not travel and can not go around as much as I can. If I get to Namyangju, I feel like I am feeling frustrated and relieved of stress. I usually go through Matown, and I want to share it with you because it was a very good place I found

I have been to many places and there are many massage shops, but I chose this place because it was the closest to my house on the street. You can come to the station comfortably because there is a station around you. It is good to use public transportation, and most of all, there is a parking lot inside the building, so it is possible to support parking.

I can get down the elevator and go back to the left corner to meet the Namyangju hotel massage, and my expectations have become even worse thanks to the unusual force that I feel from the entrance. I wanted to get in there because the aroma was smearing through the door, and I could get in after I was in the QR code, and I was able to get in after I was careful with my hand disinfection and heat check

You can keep the personal shoes you’ve been wearing in the shoebox. It’s not an open shoebox, so I could keep them safer. The key is like a locker key to be used in the dressing room later, so you have to keep it well. I looked inside the store, and it was really pleasantly managed. Even if the 강남건마 indoor air is a little frustrating in winter, it is uncomfortable to breathe, but there is no dust and it can be comfortable during the stay.

I was wondering what kind of care I’d get. I heard that it was famous for Namyangju aroma massage, so I also got aroma massage. As you can see from the price plate, the menu is cheap and colorful, so I was able to take the fun of picking it up. Taimasaji, Sweedy massage, etc.

After all, I chose the Namyangju hotel massage, which was my original purpose, and then I entered the dressing room. There were dressing tables, shower rooms and cabinets. The condition of the suit was so neat that I could change it without feeling any better; all the basic showers are in place, so you don’t have to bring them in separately

I came in to take care of it. I was assigned a single room because I visited alone. It’s really nice to be cozy and manageable. Soon after, the teacher came in and released each part of the group, but I felt that it was definitely different because the expert’s touch was reached. After you take care of your whole body, you will be able to provide scalp massage and face massage, which you will never know until you get a Namyangju hotel massage!I really recommend it

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