It’s hard to compare with simple commission figures

While credit card companies have begun calculating the commission rate for merchants for the first time in three years, it is once again drawing attention as the commission rate of major simple payment services such as Naver Pay and Kakao Pay is compared to that of credit card companies.

Although simple payment services apply relatively high commission rates and implement post-payment services, the Credit Finance Business Act applies only to credit card companies, which could lead to reverse discrimination.

In response, the simple payment industry argues that it is different from the credit card fee structure as it includes payment agency fees and system fees, and that it is not fair to be subject to the same regulation as a credit card company with a credit license

According to the lawmaker’s office, if the net brokerage commission for major simple payments is reduced to the level of check cards, small and medium-sized merchants can reduce commission fees by 446 billion won per year.

It is also predicted that small and medium-sized merchants will be able to save an additional 764 billion won a year if fees for prepaid electronic payment means are reduced to about 1.7%, the level of account transfer fees for electronic financial companies.

Naver Shopping’s electronic payment fee is 2.2% to 3.7%, including 0.8% to 2.3% of credit card fees, and it receives about 1.4% to 2.2% of net brokerage fees from merchants. The prepaid electronic payment fee, which is used by accumulating points, is 3.7%.

“In order to protect small merchants, we need to seek ways to set franchise fees for all financial 휴대폰정보이용료 companies such as Big Tech at an appropriate level,” Rep. Kim Han-jung said. “As Big Tech performs functions similar to check cards, we need to find a policy direction to set them at the same level as check card and account transfer fees.”.

“It should be considered that TechFin companies such as Naver and Kakao have already achieved economies of scale than any other platform in Korea in terms of the number of companies in the platform,” a card industry official said. “In this regard, it is also necessary to consider commission rates that suit economies of scale.”

The simple payment industry refutes that 70 to 80% of the simple payment fees include credit card company fees, so the actual margin of the simple payment service is not large and that it is difficult to simply compare it with the number shown in the commission rate.

If payments are made online by connecting credit cards and simple payment services, 70 to 80% of the fees are set as credit card fees and received by credit card companies, while simple payment companies receive fees such as credit card payment agencies and online payment agency systems.

In the case of Pay, it provides various solutions such as order provision and sales management, delivery tracking, sales data analysis, membership management, review, point accumulation, and customer center operation from the smart store sellers. They are all included in the fee

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